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Swiggy delivery boy denies food delivery to woman, says 'jo karna hai kar lo'; Here's what Swiggy did

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Swiggy delivery boy denies food delivery to woman

In a world where convenience is just a click away, the reliance on online food delivery apps has become a staple of modern living. However, not every click leads to satisfaction, as demonstrated by a recent incident involving Swiggy, one of India's leading food delivery services.


The story unfolds with Neha S, a customer whose simple desire to feed her children turned into a disappointment and digital uproar.


Neha S ordered a vada pav and a roll for her children through Swiggy, expecting a swift delivery to her doorstep. However, Neha's anticipation for a peaceful meal was abruptly disrupted when the Swiggy delivery agent assigned to her order declared he was too busy to complete the delivery.

"mere pas time nahi hai jo karna hai kar lo nahi le kar aunga order (I don't have time, do whatever you want to do, I won't bring the order)," the delivery boy told Neha.

Left with no alternative, Neha resorted to preparing Maggi noodles for her children, a far cry from what she had planned. She later took to X (formerly Twitter) to share her frustration and disappointment with Swiggy's food delivery services. 

Dear @Swiggy @SwiggyCares I have ordered something from swiggy. I have not received the order. Your delivery boy denied to deliver the order and saying 'mere pas time nahi hai jo karna hai kar lo nahi le kar aunga order' Where to go now?" Neha wrote in a post on X, while sharing the order invoice.

The post soon garnered over 15,000 views, prompting Swiggy to step in. The company offered an immediate refund and resolved the issue over a phone call, ensuring Neha that they were there for her should she need anything else.

"Hope the team could sort this out over call. We're right here should you need us for anything :)"

However, the story didn't end there. The delivery agent, sharing a name with India's cricket captain Rohit Sharma, also became an unintended focal point, with social media users drawing humorous parallels. 

The incident also raised questions about the reliability of online food delivery platforms. A user named 'Ravi Maurya' shared a similar incident he had faced with Swiggy.

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