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Zomato rival Swiggy launches relaunches premium grocery delivery service 'Handpicked'

Sumit Vishwakarma
New Update

Bengaluru-based foodtech major Swiggy has introduced a new premium grocery vertical called "Handpicked" under its quick commerce platform, Swiggy Instamart.

The new service aims to provide organic, farm-fresh, and locally sourced premium groceries.

Positioned at the bottom right corner of the Swiggy Instamart app, Handpicked features a curated selection of high-quality products, including homemade paneer, freshly baked bread, cookies, and a variety of niche items such as global spices and oriental sauces.

How does handpicked differ from previous services?


Swiggy previously launched a similar premium grocery service named InsanelyGood, which was available on a separate app.

The service was merged with Instamart in March. Additionally, Swiggy had a service also called Handpicked, which offered premium products with next-day delivery but was shut down in May 2023.

The relaunched Handpicked differs by being integrated into the quick commerce model, offering on-demand delivery within ten minutes, and focusing on freshness, originality, and authenticity.

What products are available on handpicked?

Handpicked features over 500 brands, including local and popular names such as Iyengar’s, Sweet Karam Coffee, Blue Tokai, The Whole Truth, NOTO, and Masterchow. The service emphasizes locally sourced products and includes a mix of traditional and new-age brands, clean-label products, and gourmet offerings. This curated selection aims to provide an alternative to mass-produced goods.

Planning to expand to Delhi and Mumbai

Currently, Handpicked is available in Bengaluru. Swiggy plans to expand this service to Delhi and Mumbai soon.

The company is piloting Handpicked's operations in Bengaluru to evaluate the service's performance before extending it to other major cities. This expansion is part of Swiggy's strategy to innovate and maintain its position in the competitive quick commerce market, where it faces rivals like Zomato’s Blinkit and Zepto.