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India's tech giant Tata Consultancy Services plans to train over 5 lakh engineers in Generative AI Skills

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Indian technology giant Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) recently said it plans to train its entire workforce of over five lakh software engineers in Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it looks to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

The scope and scale of training

Siva Ganesan, head of TCS's 'AI.Cloud' unit, said that the company is currently in the "early days" of Gen AI as a business opportunity, with smaller use cases.

Despite this, TCS has already engaged in 250 generative AI-powered projects. The company aims to create one of the world's largest AI-ready workforces, having already trained over 1.50 lakh employees in these skill sets within seven months, he said.


Enhancing capabilities through the AI experience zone

To further its AI capabilities, TCS recently announced the launch of an AI Experience Zone, an immersive environment that allows employees to experiment with GenAI-powered applications, fostering hands-on proficiency.

TCS said the zone emphasizes collaboration and practical application, offering access to technologies from major players like Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft.

Leveraging global innovation hubs

TCS's efforts in AI have been recognized by global market researchers like Forrester and Everest. The company is leveraging its global innovation hubs, including 6 Pace Ports and 24 Centers of Excellence, to enhance its AI offerings. 

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