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India's TCS creates one of the biggest AI workforce, completes training of 3.5 lakh employees in GenAI skills

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TCS creates one of the biggest AI workforce

Indian tech giant Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has achieved a significant milestone by training over 3.5 lakh employees in generative AI (GenAI) skills.

The achievement propels TCS to the forefront of the tech industry, creating one of the largest AI-ready workforces globally. With over half of its employees now equipped with foundational GenAI skills, TCS is primed to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of IT services and technological innovation.

Establishment of dedicated business unit for AI 


The development comes after TCS announced in January that about 1.5 lakh employees would be trained in these cutting-edge technologies.

 In 2023, TCS became the first technology company to create a dedicated business unit for AI and cloud. The AI Cloud unit, which addresses the growing needs of customers for cloud and AI adoption, helps enterprises reimagine their customer journeys, boost productivity, and enhance operational performance for superior business outcomes.

Focused on innovation and transformations

It's worth mentioning that TCS has applied GenAI across various sectors. In the aviation industry, the company has enhanced customer experience by implementing natural conversational interfaces, offering real-time assistance during flight disruptions.

Additionally, TCS has utilized GenAI to streamline complex processes such as contract reviews, improving efficiency and accuracy in identifying and validating contractual clauses.

Recognition from Amazon Web Services

Notably, AWS awarded TCS the prestigious Generative AI Competency Partner status for its notable efforts in Generative AI.

“Achieving AWS generative competency as a launch partner is a result of TCS’ industry-leading and forward-looking investments along with our deep collaboration with AWS. Our early and holistic focus in bringing generative AI capabilities at scale for our customers, including AWS generative AI practice, reflects TCS’ commitment towards enabling businesses with next-generation technologies for driving enterprise agility, innovation, and growth.”