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Tech Mahindra partners with AWS to build sports cloud platform

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India's technology company, Tech Mahindra, has announced its partnership with cloud giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a sports cloud platform. 

Tech Mahindra said the platform aims to revolutionize digital capabilities for sports organizations and offer immersive, personalized experiences for sports fans globally. The collaboration, formalized in September 2023, focuses on bringing sports institutions and fans closer together.

Enhancing fan experience

The sports cloud platform is designed to meet the growing demands of sports fans for enhanced experiences. It leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) for efficient sports stadium management and provides data-driven insights for sports organizations.


Satish Menon, CEO, Punjab Kings, said, “I'm pleased to know about Tech Mahindra’s collaboration with AWS to build a sports cloud, and it’s exciting that it can accelerate the digital transformation aspiration for sporting organisations. Combining action from on-and-off-the-field with digital initiatives can create new opportunities for global sporting organisations to engage fans and take them deeper into the game. This can enable sporting organisations to plan broadcasting and content development in more creative ways, and offer greater game insights, all from a fan’s perspective. My best wishes to the teams from Tech Mahindra and AWS.”

Why AWS?

The company said the new platform will be built on AWS and will utilize real-time analytics, AI, ML, AR/VR, enriched broadcasting, and Web 3.0 technologies. The advanced tools will process high volumes of digital data, elevating the sports fan experience. 

AWS services like AWS Elemental MediaLive, MediaConvert, Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, and Amazon Managed Blockchain will be integral to the platform's functionality, it said.

What does the leadership say about the partnership?

Samira Bakhtiar, General Manager at AWS, emphasized the role of cloud-enabled technologies in transforming sports. The collaboration with Tech Mahindra aims to enhance fan engagement and provide valuable insights for sports organizations.

Jagdish Mitra, Chief Strategy Officer at Tech Mahindra, said, "Our collaboration with AWS, that offers the broadest and deepest set of cloud services, will transform how fans interact with their favourite sports, creating a dynamic and captivating experience for viewers. By building sports cloud on AWS, we aim to build a personalised, fan-focused community that transcends physical sports. The platform is positioned to disrupt the sports tech industry by providing opportunities for sports organisations and franchises worldwide to create a delightful fan engagement experience that is built on content and community, leading to commerce.”

Leveraging tech for enhanced human-centric experiences

Tech Mahindra, as part of its NXT.NOW™ framework, said it focuses on leveraging cutting-edge technologies for enhanced human-centric experiences. Notably, the company operates in 90 countries and serves 1250+ global customers, including Fortune 500 companies. 

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