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Tech Mahindra partners with Belgium-based Proximus to launch 'Tech Hub'; Key things to know

Sumit Vishwakarma
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Tech Mahindra

Indian technology company Tech Mahindra has joined forces with Proximus, a Belgium-based digital services provider, to create a technology platform 'Tech Hub'.

According to the company's statement, The platform aims to offer next-generation connectivity solutions across business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), and business-to-business-to-any (B2B2X) segments.

It promises a digital-first approach for exploring, purchasing, and activating services, mirroring the ease of use found in leading cloud platforms, as per the company's statement. 

Why is this partnership important?


As part of the partnership, Both companies will leverage their strengths to innovate. Tech Mahindra brings to the table its vast telecom expertise, 5G capabilities, AI proficiency, and cutting-edge IT services. Proximus, on the other hand, boasts a superior fiber/5G network and strong software assets. 

Both companies aim to transform the customer experience and drive business growth by making services more accessible and efficient.

What will the 'Tech Hub' offer?

The 'Tech Hub' platform, powered by Comviva BlueMarble, is designed to be secure, robust, and scalable with a cloud-ready architecture. It will enable customers to seamlessly onboard, purchase, and activate a wide range of digital offerings.

The development is part of Proximus's strategy to evolve from a traditional telecom provider to a technology company, enhancing its service delivery and creating new value propositions for its customers.

Leveraging extensive telecom expertise

Vikram Nair, President of EMEA Business, Tech Mahindra, said, “As the telecom industry continues to evolve, telcos are finding new ways to reinvent themselves and adopt newer monetization streams. Through this strategic partnership, Tech Mahindra will deliver a future-ready platform that will be instrumental in accelerating Proximus’s ‘Telco to Techco’ journey."

He said the partnership will leverage Tech Mahindra's extensive telecom expertise, 5G capabilities, AI proficiency, and cutting-edge IT services to revolutionize customer experience and drive business growth.

Tech Mahindra's partnership with Proximus

This isn't the first time Tech Mahindra has partnered with Proximus. In September 2021, The Indian tech company partnered to transform Proximus's data centre business. 

Antonietta Mastroianni, CDIO, Proximus, said, “We are pleased to partner with Tech Mahindra to build this new innovative platform. At Proximus, we are leading with our superior fiber/ 5G network, that is becoming more software-based and can deliver innovative features ‘as a Service’, eg 5G Slicing. Additionally, we are building strong software assets across the Group."