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Tenable partners with Deloitte to help clients with advanced exposure management

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Tenable, an exposure management company, has partnered with Deloitte to enhance cybersecurity solutions for clients, particularly in the realms of Internet of Things (IoT) and operational technology (OT) cyber risk management.

The alliance will see Deloitte incorporating Tenable’s technologies, including the Tenable One Exposure Management Platform, Tenable Cloud Security, and Tenable OT Security, into its cybersecurity solutions portfolio.

Leverages Tenable’s advanced exposure management

The partnership leverages Tenable’s advanced exposure management capabilities to offer shared customers a comprehensive and unified view of their cyber risk landscape.


Tenable One provides visibility into both on-premise and cloud-based environments, enabling organizations to prioritize their cybersecurity actions based on the likelihood of attacks.

Jeff Brooks, Senior Vice President of Global Channels and Business Development at Tenable, said, “By collaborating with Deloitte, organizations will be able to use preventive security measures to better understand their cyber risks and help resolve issues before they can be exploited by threat actors.”

What Are the Key Features of Tenable One Platform?

The Tenable One platform is designed to centralize an organization’s exposure data into a single view and offers several key features.

First, it provides comprehensive visibility, allowing organizations to gain a unified view of all assets, associated vulnerabilities, exposures, misconfigurations, and excessive entitlements by continuously assessing environments for cyber risk. 

Second, it helps predict and prioritize risks by utilizing over 211,000 Nessus plugins. This feature assists in anticipating the consequences of cyberattacks and understanding the relationships between assets, exposures, privileges, and threats across an attack path.

Finally, the platform facilitates effective communication of cyber risks to stakeholders by answering critical questions such as “Where are we exposed?” and “How secure are we?” through a centralized and business-aligned view of cyber risk.

Integrating Tenable’s solutions

Deloitte and Tenable plan to integrate Tenable’s solutions into Deloitte’s existing cybersecurity offerings, enhancing their capability to manage IoT and OT cyber risks.

Will Burns, Deloitte’s US Cyber Detect & Respond Adversary Pursuit Leader and Managing Director at Deloitte & Touche LLP, remarked, “We are constantly working to enrich our cyber ecosystem for the benefit of our clients. The addition of the Tenable One platform is a continued demonstration of that commitment. We look forward to Deloitte and Tenable’s shared clients finding new ways to understand their exposure data and to quickly mitigate risks impacting their specific environments.”

What does Tenable do?

Tenable, known for its exposure management solutions, serves approximately 44,000 organizations worldwide, including nearly 65% of the Fortune 500 and around 50% of the Global 2000, as well as numerous government agencies.

By integrating Tenable’s advanced technologies, Deloitte can provide its clients with more robust and effective cybersecurity solutions, ultimately enhancing the overall security posture of organizations across various sectors.