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Tesla alumni-led DG Innovate enters India in a JV with EVage Motors

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(L-R) Inderveer Singh, CEO and Founder, EVage Motors- Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, CEO, DGI

(L-R) Inderveer Singh, CEO and Founder, EVage Motors- Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, CEO, DGI

DG Innovate, a UK-based advanced R&D company developing pioneering solutions in sustainable mobility and energy storage, has entered into a transformative joint venture (JV) with EVage Motors, an electric truck company in India.

“We are thrilled to bring cutting-edge motor technology to India and create new, high-value engineering jobs. Together with DGI, EVage will produce world-class products aligned with PM Modi’s vision of make in India, make for the world," said Inderveer Singh, EVage Founder & CEO.

"We are particularly thrilled to see pioneering ex-Tesla leaders like Peter look at India as a place of opportunities for the EV sector," Singh said.

Manufacturing in India


The JV will allow DGI to pursue a faster, lower-cost route to high-precision manufacturing in India, materially growing its market share in the critical Asian market and giving EVage Motors’ customers access to the world's most efficient electric motor, which it claims to be 98.5% efficient. 

The JV will also strengthen EVage’s proprietary EV stack as a vertically integrated company.

Targeting the Asian EV market

As part of the agreement, DGI will partner with EVage to manufacture its proprietary Pareta electric drive system in Punjab, India.

Both companies will target the Asian EV market, offering far more efficient electric trucks, resulting in longer life and a reduced cost of ownership for fleet owners, with an average range increase of 5%-7% on the same charge.

The JV will be 60% owned by DGI and 40% by EVage. Both parties will invest in the project, as per the statement.

"Asia is a critical market for the EV industry, and India in particular benefits from a leading manufacturing platform that will allow us to deploy our products at top speed and competitive costs," said Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, DGI CEO.

Contributing industry expertise

DGI will contribute the significant industry expertise of its team of former Tesla managers and engineers, bolstered by the recent appointment of Pierre Pellerey as a consultant to the Company.

He brings over 15 years of experience in motor design: his work has been key to the development of the Tesla Model 3, Model Y, and Model S Plaid, as well as Dyson’s flagship V10 motor.

Pierre’s motor designs power over 3 million electric vehicles to date, and his contribution will be key to driving the JV forward.

"I take this opportunity to re-iterate my welcome to Pierre, a true motor whisperer whose work powers some of the most iconic electric vehicles on the market. His expert advice will immensely enhance our partnership with EVage," Bardenfleth-Hansen said.

DGI and EVage will manufacture the world’s most efficient motor, leveraging EVage’s Modular Miniature Manufacturing (Mcube) micro-factory, which already supports India’s first native commercial EV platform. 

The company said that the factory currently produces more than one electric truck a day, for a total of more than 300 to date. Those trucks service top FMCG, e-commerce, and logistics companies throughout India, with top clients including Amazon, it said.