The Good Glamm group raises its stake to 90% in The Moms Co

The Good Glamm Group, a pioneer of the ‘house of brands’ model in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) space, has reportedly raised its stake to 90% in D2C mother and baby care brand The Moms Co.

According to a report from The Economic Times, the increase in stake is connected to the founders of The Moms Co, Malika Sadani and Mohit Sadani, stepping back from day-to-day management. Despite this, they will remain on the board and have the possibility of selling their remaining 10% ownership within the next 12 months.

Good Glamm’s business model is akin to roll-up ecommerce, in which an organisation brings several internet-focused firms under one umbrella to flourish using pooled resources. These brands’ founders typically exit the business over time.

In the past year, The Good Glamm Group has acquired multiple companies, including Sirona, a feminine hygiene brand, BabyChakra, a platform for moms and babies, ScoopWhoop, a digital media platform, St Botanica, a personal care brand, and MissMalini Entertainment, a platform for managing celebrity talent.

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