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The Half Brick to organize first 'Startup Connect' event to empower early-stage startups

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The Half Brick

Bengaluru-based The Half Brick is organizing the "Startup Connect Early Stage" event on December 22, 2023, at The Chancery Pavilion in Bengaluru to empower and support early-stage startups in the country. 

The full-day event, which will start at 9 am and last till 6 pm, will feature over 300 startups, more than 30 global investors, and over 50 speakers. Notably, The event will also enable 1-to-1 investor connects, startup showcases, elevator pitches, and brand/product launches.

The event will honour achievements with over 20 awards and host panels on capability building, ecosystem support, investor perspectives, and product-market fit.

Who will attend the event?


Krishnamani Muthu, Kannan Venkatachalam, and Sudhan Mathi Raja, alongside senior industry figures like Gurucharan Raghunathan from Microsoft and Amitesh Malhotra from Cisco. will attend the upcoming event.

The panel will feature various speakers, including Priyanjit Ghosh (Co-founder & CEO of Log.ai), Vinay from eAuditor Office, Ram Prasath (Founder & CEO of Zaaroz), Sai Krishna, Rakesh Thatha, and Vishal Gautham discussing vital topics for startup growth and success.

The event will have five panels focusing on various aspects of entrepreneurship. The first panel, led by Balasubramanian Jayam, will delve into capability and ability building. The second panel, moderated by Gurucharan Raghunathan, will discuss skills and ecosystem support for entrepreneurs.

The third panel, with Vinay as moderator, will provide investors' perspectives on raising funds. The fourth panel, led by Arun Manivannan, aims to dissect product-market fit. Lastly, the fifth panel, moderated by Prijanjit Ghosh, will share founders' perspectives on raising external capital from investors.

Key things to know about the event

The event will facilitate a fireside chat with angel investors and venture capitalists, enabling live Q&A between the panel and delegates. This interactive session is part of a suite of activities designed to empower startups. Elevated pitching sessions will provide a platform for over 300 startups to engage with more than 30 investors. 

The Startup Showcase allows nominated startups to present their ideas or products, with investors, banking partners, and ecosystem partners attending each desk. Networking opportunities will abound, connecting participants with global investors and high-net-worth individuals.

Additionally, the Impact Awards will recognize the top 20 startups in India and abroad and the top 10 Investors, financial institutions & ecosystem partners

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