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The Shell Hair secures Rs 30 lakh at a Rs 10 crore valuation on Shark Tank India Season 3

Sumit Vishwakarma
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The Shell Hair

The Shell Hair is an entrepreneurial venture started by Shelly Bulchandani in August 2020, focusing on providing high-quality hair extension products.

The brand specializes in 100% natural Remy Hair Extension Toppers, Bans, and Colorful Streaks, catering not only to fashion trends but also offering solutions for serious hair loss concerns, including alopecia patients.

Despite facing skepticism, including from her own mother, Shaili has successfully grown her business, selling products both online and offline. Her dedication has led to a significant customer base that appreciates the brand's commitment to quality and affordability.

The Shell Hair stands out for its use of single donor hair and double-drawn Remy hair, ensuring consistent density and quality across its product range. With a focus on expanding and enhancing marketing efforts, Shaili aims to elevate her brand's presence nationally, aspiring to become a prominent entrepreneur in the hair extension industry.


Who is the Founder?

Shelly Bulchandani from Ajmer, Rajasthan, the founder of "The Shell Hair," embarked on her entrepreneurial journey while pursuing an MSc in IT from Aryan College, affiliated with Maharshi Dayanand University.

At just 24 years old, Shaili has demonstrated remarkable determination and innovation in establishing her startup amidst skepticism, including doubts from her own family. With a passion for fashion and a keen interest in addressing hair loss issues, she ventured into the hair extension industry.

Starting with a modest investment, Shaili has grown her business significantly, leveraging her skills in product development and marketing. Despite facing challenges, her resilience and commitment to quality have been key to her success.

What's the product?

The Shell Hair offers a range of hair extension products, including 100% natural Remy Hair Extension Toppers, Bangs, and Colorful Streaks, catering to individuals seeking fashionable hair solutions and those experiencing hair loss, such as alopecia patients.

The startup's unique selling proposition lies in its use of single donor and double drawn Remy hair, ensuring high-quality, consistent density, and natural-looking extensions.

Shelly Bulchandani's venture targets a diverse customer base, from fashion enthusiasts to individuals seeking solutions for hair loss challenges. The market for hair extensions and related products is vast and growing, driven by increasing awareness and demand for quality hair solutions.

The Shell Hair operates through both online and offline channels, allowing for a broad reach and accessibility. The startup's focus on quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction positions it well within the competitive landscape of the hair extension industry.

Shark Tank India pitch 

In a compelling pitch for Shelly Bulchandani sought Rs 30 lakh for a 3% equity stake, valuing the company at Rs 10 crore. Specializing in high-quality, natural Remy hair products, the company demonstrated impressive sales growth across online and offline channels. 

Despite initial scepticism, Shelly's passion and the brand's potential led to multiple offers from the sharks. Anupam initially offered Rs 30 lakh for 10% equity, valuing the company at Rs 3 crore, which was then countered by Aman's Rs 30 lakh for 5% equity, doubling the valuation to Rs 6 crore. 

Ritesh upped the ante with Rs 60 lakh for 6% equity, valuing the startup at Rs 10 crore. Anupam and Aman revised their offers to match Shelly's original ask, both proposing Rs 30 lakh for 3% equity at a Rs 10 crore valuation.

Intriguingly, despite the identical final offers, Shelly accepted Aman's deal, influenced by his proactive approach and confidence in her business, promising a significant boost to The Shell Hair's market presence and product line expansion.

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