This the time for the Indian Tiktok rival – Chingari

Time to bid farewell to Chinese apps.

Hello Indian apps!

Boycott China

Yes. This is the time for Indian apps and it is having an upsurge like never before. The “Boycott China” campaign is the primary reason to this uncommon success. One of the significant apps among the banned Chinese apps is Tiktok. This has led to a huge surge in downloads of TiktTok’s Indian rival Chingari and Mitron app. Chingari on Tuesday witnessed 1 lakh downloads per hour.

Surge in downloads

In just about 72 hours, the Chingari app had 5,00,000 downloads on Google Play Store. And now that TikTok has completely stopped working in India, the numbers will only go up. The co-founder of the app, Sumit Ghosh, commented that “Not even Facebook’s mobile app and Mark Zuckerberg would have had 6 lakh downloads per hour in its best of times”. “This is a very good step taken by the Govt of India and the IT Ministry of India. For a very long time, TikTok has been spying on users and sending back the data to China. We are happy that this step has been finally taken.I thank and congratulate Narendra Modi sir. And we assure we would like to welcome all the users of TikTok to come and try our Chingari, which is a 100% India-grown app and made for the passionate Indians,” he further added.

Although the tiktok ban led to a massive success of Chingari, Ghosh claims that the app started gaining attention around June 10. Chingari gained further prominence when Anand Mahindra tweeted on 28 June, “I hadn’t ever downloaded TikTok but I have just downloaded Chingari… More power to you…”

Unfortunately, sudden increase in users is a tough challenge to handle. Another tweet from Ghosh says, “Hey Bharat! We managed to crash our servers again, guys pls be patient…working hard since last 48 hours, sleeping less than 2 hours, making sure we could scale up all parts of our infra fast.”

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