Time to say Hi to Hikeland, the virtual world

Tamizhazhagi MM
24 Jun 2020
Time to say Hi to Hikeland, the virtual world

Its time to say hi to the virtual world!

Yes, the wait is over. Bye to the worries of meeting friends, here is a space for virtual hangout - HikeLand.


After these many years of social media, innovation is happening at a slow pace. All the social media platforms are staying in their comfort of 2D utilization. Hence, there is an untapped potential for 3D space. This has led to the emergence of Hikeland. It is the world’s first and mobile-first virtual world. It rests inside the Hike app, possessing two main elements, "Home" and "Big screen". "Home", as the name suggests is the user's virtual home which has admirable themes. This not only gives us a personal space but also an option to invite a dear friend home. One of the convenient options here is watching videos of our choice together. "Big screen" is the shared viewing of videos. It also comes with an option of watching with a bunch of people.

Magical and Safe

Kavin Bharti Mittal, the founder and CEO of Hike, commented that the big screen is sort of a theatre with a twist. It’s a place that sort of brings people together around the content they love, paving the way for new friendships to blossom.  Mittal emphasizes on his two keywords: magical and safe. “HikeLand is magical because it should be a place where people can do things in their imagination. Nothing should stop them from being who they want to be and do what they want to go to in the online. And they can only do that if it’s a safe place to hang out,”, he added.

Inspiration from Hike

Learnings from Hike messenger app is the inspiration for Hikeland. The founder says that the traffic always used to be high from 10 pm to midnight suggesting that users were ”trying to find ways to hang out online, because they can’t offline”. The reason for this can be the conservative offline market in India. Hence, people find these online avenues a preferable place.

The app is in the preview phase. There are many more features yet to come, as per the founder's notes. Mittal said the reason he’s not waiting one or two years to launch HikeLand is because his product philosophy is to launch what they call “minimum lovable products” so that they can “build HikeLand with the community”.

It does look like one can express and fulfill his wishes in this imaginary world. Additional advantage to be noted is that, it is cheap, making online hangouts preferable. The app belonging to India is a matter of pride.