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Unicorn startup Zepto launches membership programme ‘Zepto Pass’ for all users

ISN Team
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Zepto Pass membership program

Quick-commerce unicorn Zepto has unveiled a new membership program named Zepto Pass, which is accessible to all its users. 

The program aims to revolutionize the way customers shop for groceries by offering unlimited free deliveries and up to 20% off on grocery items.

What is the pricing of 'Zepto Pass'?

Zepto Pass is available at an introductory price ranging from Rs 19 to Rs 39 for most users. The startup aims to enhance the shopping experience by providing greater discounts and benefits.


Why the heavy discounts?

Zepto has strategically priced Zepto Pass at an attractively low rate to encourage early adoption among its customer base.

Earlier, The startup has launched a pilot phase of the program in which it observed a rapid uptake, with a significant portion of orders coming from Zepto Pass subscribers. This aggressive pricing strategy is not just about attracting new users but also about increasing the average order value and monthly retention rates among existing customers.

What benefits does Zepto Pass offer?

Apart from unlimited free deliveries, Zepto Pass members enjoy additional discounts on orders exceeding certain thresholds, which vary from Rs 299 to Rs 599 for most users.

The membership also extends to Zepto Cafe, the company's snacks and beverage vertical, promising a comprehensive coverage of customer needs. This tailored approach, based on user behavior metrics, aims to make Zepto the go-to destination for grocery shopping.