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US-India Business Council launches AI task force; appoints Meta as the co-chair

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US-India Business Council launches AI task force with Meta as co-chair

The US-India Business Council (USIBC) has launched its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Task Force, appointing Meta as the Co-Chair.

The new task force aims to align and drive leadership in the AI ecosystem between the United States and India. The initiative was announced during the task force's first virtual meeting, which focused on cross-sector collaboration in AI.

Leadership and advisory committee appointments

In addition to Meta's co-chairmanship, the task force has onboarded several key figures to its AI board advisory panel.


Inderpreet Sawhney, the Chief Compliance Officer and Group General Counsel at Infosys has been appointed to the panel. Other notable additions include Bala Subramania, a Senior Executive at UPS, and Akash Shah, the Chief Growth Officer at BNY Mellon.

"As we advance our AI Task Force, we are thrilled to welcome these exceptional individuals to our esteemed AI Board Advisory Committee alongside Meta as the Co-chair of our AI Task Force. Their leadership and expertise will play a crucial role in shaping our strategic approach to AI, enabling us to navigate the challenges and opportunities across various sectors," said USIBC President Ambassador Atul Keshap.

Promoting common AI concepts and principles

The AI Task Force is dedicated to promoting common AI concepts and principles within national and multi-stakeholder processes and enhancing the competitiveness of both countries' industries to develop, leverage, and commercialize AI technologies.

The task force aims to ensure that these technologies benefit each country's democratic citizenries.

"It is a privilege to be part of the AI advisory committee. As part of this Committee, I am eager to share our experiences around the techno-legal aspects of AI that Infosys had the opportunity to shape. With our combined talent pool and data resources, the collaboration between India and the U.S. has tremendous value to unlock," said Inderpreet Sawhney from Infosys.

Future directions and impact

The USIBC AI Task Force marks a significant step towards fostering a future where AI not only revolutionizes industries and lives but also reinforces free societies.

"Our AI Task Force marks a bold stride toward a future where AI not only revolutionizes industries and lives but also reinforces free societies,” stated USIBC President Atul Keshap.

"With unwavering commitment, USIBC spearheads this transformative journey alongside leading USIBC Board and Corporate members. As we navigate the newfound terrain of AI advancement, these collaborations underscore our resolve to ensure the great democracies can utilize technology in ways that strengthen the ties between our nations and support citizen-led prosperity."

The initiative is set to strengthen USIBC's efforts in driving collaboration and innovation in the rapidly evolving field of AI by relying on top business talent from both America and India.