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Uttar Pradesh police to deploy AI tool Crime GPT to catch criminals faster; Key things to know

Jaya Vishwakarma
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Uttar Pradesh police to deploy AI tool Crime GPT

In an attempt to bolster law enforcement capabilities, the Uttar Pradesh Police has adopted a new AI tool named Crime GPT, developed by a Gurugram-based startup Staqu Technologies. 

The advanced tool is designed to enhance the police's ability to track down criminals by interfacing with a digitized database, allowing for precise searches based on specific details about individuals.

Establishing a robust security infrastructure


CEO Atul Rai said that Crime GPT aligns with Staqu Technologies's vision of establishing a robust security infrastructure powered by advanced technology.

“Our longstanding vision revolves around a robust security infrastructure propelled by advanced technology, and Crime GPT perfectly aligns with this vision. By interfacing with a digitized criminal database, Crime GPT facilitates tailored searches for law enforcement seeking precise details on targeted individuals, utilizing both written and audio inputs. This is an extension of our work on the Trinetra which has been adopted by UP police department and deployed through integration with security cameras," he said.

"We are proud to work with homeland security and we hope to keep strengthening our collaborative relation with UP government all in service of fortifying the security landscape,” he added.

How does CrimeGPT work?

Crime GPT leverages artificial intelligence to analyze vast amounts of data, including CCTV footage, images, and audio, to assist in criminal investigations. It boasts features such as facial recognition, speaker identification, voice analysis, and criminal gang profiling.

This enables law enforcement officers to efficiently retrieve detailed information about suspects, including their criminal records, within a specified timeframe, through both written queries and voice commands.

The impact of CrimeGPT on law enforcement

The adoption of Crime GPT will revolutionize the way the Uttar Pradesh Police approaches crime investigation and suspect tracking. By providing rapid insights and streamlining the search process, the tool is expected to expedite information retrieval, thereby accelerating case resolutions and improving security measures.

Prashant Kumar, the Director General of Police for Uttar Pradesh, praised the technology and emphasized the transformative potential of Crime GPT in enhancing the efficiency of ongoing criminal investigations.

The partnership between UP Police and Staqu Technologies

Notably, The state Police and Staqu Technologies have worked together to create a digital archive containing over 900,000 criminal records.

The effort is part of their ongoing partnership to use technology to improve public safety and security. The Crime GPT tool is a continuation of Staqu's earlier project, the Trinetra application, which was also aimed at identifying and tracking criminals.