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VC firm GVFL partners Brinc to launch multi-sector startup accelerator; Know the key details

Jaya Vishwakarma
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GVFL Limited, one of the oldest sector-agnostic venture capital firms in the country, has partnered with Brinc, a global venture accelerator, to launch the A4X accelerator program with the aim of fostering startup growth across various sectors in India, particularly in Gujarat.

What is the A4X accelerator program?

The A4X accelerator program aims to support startups in four key areas, including consumer, industry, and enterprise, emerging tech, and sustainability. The firm said that each sector focuses on different aspects, from consumer demands and industrial solutions to cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices. 

The program aims to harness the technological and environmental evolution, providing startups with a platform to innovate and grow, the release said.


How will it benefit startups?

According to GVFL, The participating startups in the A4X program will undergo a 3-month intensive acceleration phase and will receive an initial investment of Rs 1.5 crore to Rs 2 crore, along with access to resources, mentorship from industry experts, and networking opportunities.

The comprehensive support system is designed to guide startups through their journey, offering strategic direction and governance support, it said.

What does the leadership say about the partnership?

Kamal Bansal, MD of GVFL said “The accelerator program, set against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving technological and environmental landscape, is poised to be a catalyst for startups venturing into these diverse domains.”

Karan Keswani, Managing Director, Brinc India said, “Both GVFL and Brinc share a vision of fostering innovation across multiple sectors, recognizing the interconnectedness of today’s challenges and opportunities. Our combined expertise and resources promise to offer startups a unique platform to scale and make a significant impact.”

What does Brinc do?

Brinc, which is headquartered in Hong Kong, operates 18 multi-disciplinary accelerator programs across seven countries. The firm accelerates startups focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, connected hardware, drones, robotics, clean energy and food technology,

It claims to have built a portfolio of over 200 companies and works closely with global corporations, government organizations, and educational institutions to support startups and foster innovation.

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