Wadhwani AI gets $1M Google.org grant to build AI solutions in agriculture

The Wadhwani Institute for Artificial Intelligence has received a $1 million grant from Google. According to the firm, the grant would be used to build AI-powered solutions that help farmers gain timely, localized, and accurate weather-related information.

This also includes crop and other farm-related information besides improving the efficiency and capabilities of agriculture knowledge systems in India.

The institute was also awarded a $2 million Google.org grant in 2019 to support the CottonAce AI-powered pest management solution. With an easy-to-use multilingual interface, the CottonAce app helps farmers correctly identify the types of pests at their farms and offers early warnings and advisories to farmers.

This would enable them to take timely action to effectively combat infestation and ensure a healthy crop yield.

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