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What is Nagara Metered Auto? Bengaluru's new ride-hailing app

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After the Namma Yatri app, The Karnataka Rajya Chalakara Parishath (Karnataka State Driver's Council) and Agnibhu Technologies on Monday launched the 'Nagara Metered Auto' app.

“This new app will be a win-win situation for both passengers and drivers. In many cases, drivers don’t receive the correct fare even if a longer distance is covered. Now, most people prefer to book autos through digital mode,” Karnataka Rajya Chalakara Parishath's K Somashekar told Moneycontrol.

Notably, the launch would also increase competition for well-known ride-hailing apps, including Uber, Ola and Rapido.

Enabling rides at govt-fixed fares


The 'Nagara Metered Auto' app allows users to book rides and pay government-fixed fares—Rs 30 for the first two kilometers and Rs 15 for every subsequent kilometer, as displayed on the meter.

According to media reports, The app will not have surge pricing or commissions, providing a fair deal for both drivers and passengers. 

Operating on a zero-commission model

One of the key features of the Nagara Metered Auto app is its zero-commission model, which means drivers will receive the full fare paid by passengers.

Drivers may need to pay a small subscription fee instead. The app will also allow drivers to receive ride requests through various channels, including on the street, via a website, WhatsApp, and other ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) buyer applications.

 Additionally, each driver will have a unique QR code and personalized webpage to share their credentials with passengers.

How will the ride booking process work?

To use the app, commuters book a ride through the app. Once a driver accepts the ride, the passenger shares an OTP (One-Time Password) with the driver. The driver then starts the meter and follows the map provided by the app.

At the end of the trip, the driver enters the distance travelled on the app, and the passenger pays the fare directly to the driver, either in cash or via UPI, based on the meter reading calibrated by the Legal Metrology Department. For street-hailing, passengers can scan the driver's QR code to book a ride.

What are the plans and challenges ahead?

The Karnataka Rajya Chalakara Parishath plans to enroll at least 1,000 drivers in the app's first phase of rollout. Only auto-rickshaws with calibrated meters certified by the state Legal Metrology Department will be allowed to enroll. 

Somashekar emphasized that the new app would benefit both passengers and drivers by ensuring fair fares and reducing reliance on high-commission ride-hailing services.

However, the union has also been vocal against bike taxis and the steep commissions charged by current market leaders, which remain challenges in the evolving transportation landscape of Bengaluru.