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Yatra unveils GenAI-powered expense management solution for SMEs and large enterprises

Sumit Vishwakarma
New Update

Traveltech company Yatra Online, Inc. has launched a new expense management solution, designed to help both domestic and international enterprises manage their business expenses more efficiently.

Yatra said the new offering aims to revolutionize the way companies handle both travel and non-travel expenditures by integrating travel bookings and expense tracking into a single platform.

The integration aims to increase accuracy and efficiency in expense management, the company said.

Leveraging GenAI LLMs


Yatra's Expense Management Solution leverages cutting-edge technologies, including GenAI Large Language Models (LLMs) for receipt analysis, which surpasses traditional OCR technology.

This ensures more accurate and comprehensive expense tracking, significantly reducing errors and saving time.

Additionally, the solution features a chatbot powered by Gen AI and RAG models to assist users. The tool also includes advanced analytics powered by a Power BI dashboard, providing deep insights for comprehensive expense analysis. 

What Are the Key Features of Yatra's Expense Management Solution?

Yatra's Expense Management Solution is equipped with a multi-level approval process, which is tailored to meet the specific requirements of different companies and ensures streamlined workflow management.

Additionally, it features seamless ERP system integration, which facilitates smooth data flow and enhances operational efficiency. The solution also includes a mobile application available for both Android and iOS.

This application allows users to create and approve expenses, view reports, check reimbursement status, capture mileage via GPS, make small payments through UPI, and automatically generate expense items from UPI payments.

Furthermore, the expense management solution offers expense auditing and split expense capabilities. It integrates with Google APIs for accurate mileage tracking and includes comprehensive auditing features to maintain oversight and control over expense reporting.

The company also claimed that over 800 corporates are ready to adopt this tool.