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Zeeve RaaS partners with Memento for the launch of zkSync Layer2 Hyperchain

Sumit Vishwakarma
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Zeeve RaaS, a Rollups-as-a-Service provider, has partnered with Memento to launch a new Layer 2 solution, the Hyperchain.

The partnership aims to enhance institutional finance by utilizing zkSync’s ZK Stack technology.

The Hyperchain is designed to provide a secure, customized, and controlled blockchain environment for institutional players. It addresses concerns of security and customization that have traditionally deterred the financial sector from embracing public blockchains.

Leveraging zkSync's ZK technology


The Hyperchain leverages zkSync’s advanced zero-knowledge (ZK) technology and recursive proofs to effectively tackle scalability issues. This enables the creation of trustless Layer2 chains that facilitate scalable, low-cost payments and transactions, which ultimately settle on the Ethereum network.

By employing these cutting-edge cryptographic methods, Hyperchain provides a scalable and secure environment for institutional finance to operate on blockchain.

What Role Does Zeeve RaaS Play in the Deployment of Hyperchain?

In this collaboration, Zeeve RaaS plays a vital role by supporting Memento in transitioning Hyperchain from a conceptual stage on a testnet to a fully operational system on the mainnet.

Zeeve's contributions are multifaceted, including automated setup for compliance and security, operational management dashboards, essential tools like rebranded explorers, and enhanced security measures such as DDoS protection and malware defence. 

Additionally, Zeeve ensures continuous support with regular updates and enterprise-grade customer service.

What Are the Benefits of the Hyperchain for Institutional Players?

The Memento Hyperchain offers several advantages tailored for institutional DeFi operations. These include a compliance-driven environment with dual-layered KYC processes to eliminate bad actors and EVM compatibility for seamless integration with existing Ethereum applications. Additionally, the Hyperchain supports the creation of digital-native assets through applications like the Domani Protocol, reshaping the institutional DeFi landscape. 

Dr Ravi Chamria, co-founder and CEO of Zeeve, stated, “Memento’s launch of layer 2 Hyperchain is a thoughtful decision for its institutional DeFi operations, where compliance and controlled experimentation meet innovation and the power of decentralized finance.”