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Zomato customer receives non-veg momos instead of veg during Navratri, company reacts...

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Zomato customer receives non-veg momos instead of veg during Navratri

During Navratri, a time when many observe vegetarian diets, a mix-up with a Zomato order left customer Akash Gupta quite upset. He ordered vegetarian momos from Wow! Momo through Zomato but received non-vegetarian ones instead.

Taking to Elon Musk-owned X (formerly Twitter) to voice his frustration, Akash highlighted how such an error was especially aggravating during a religious festival.

"Hello @Wowmomo4u , @zomatocare @zomato , I'm pure vegetarian and I ordered veg things but I got all nonveg items from your outlet , and the bad things is navratri going on how you can make this big mistake , there is clearly mention item detail," he wrote on X and shared the multiple pictures of the item he received.


Company reaction 

While the post didn't go viral, Both Zomato and Wow! Momo were quick to respond to Gupta's complaint online.

"Hi Akash, this is one big mix-up. It's very serious and certainly not what we stand for. Mind sharing the order ID via DM so that we can resolve it ASAP," Zomato replied.

On the other hand, Wow! Momo apologised and said, "Dear Akash! We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. We would never want something like this to be happen. Requesting you to please share your invoice and contact details at crmsupport@wowmomo.com so that we can get in touch with you."

It's worth mentioning that this is not the first time a Zomato customer has experienced this. Over the last week, multiple customers took to X to share incidents similar to the one Akash Gupta faced.

"Today I ordered a Mushroom Biryani from Zomato @zomato @zomatocare and they delivered me Chicken Biryani that to Navratri is going on and I'm a pure Vegetarian @PMOIndia What a utter shame @zomato," Mukul Vats wrote on X.

"I ordered Navratri special thali from zomato but they provided me this thali instead of vrat thali and also not initiating full  amount to me which is not tolerable kindly look into this matter I am still hungry  #Zomato #zomatocare #deepgoyal," another shared. 

In a recent clarification issued by Wow! Momo, it was explained that the customer had ordered a vegetarian combo from Wow! Momo through Zomato at around 12:30 AM, which was delivered to him. Due to a shortage of vegetarian stickers, the team inadvertently used a non-vegetarian sticker on the order, given the late hour of the night.

The company said it had initiated a root cause analysis, which involved a complete inventory check, a review of the previous night's footage, and a dispatch checklist to confirm the order's contents. The investigation confirmed that vegetarian momos had been packed and mistakenly labelled with a non-vegetarian sticker.