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Zomato delivery boy delivers food on a Harley-Davidson bike; Watch the full video

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Zomato delivery boy delivers food on a Harley-Davidson bike

A Zomato delivery agent is turning heads on Instagram with his unique choice of delivery vehicle—a Harley-Davidson X440, a collaboration between Hero India, priced at over 2.4 lakhs.

The video, posted by Akshay Shettigar, captures the delivery agent, decked out in an expensive helmet and gloves, smoothly navigating traffic on his flashy bike.

The caption teases viewers to "wait for the end," sparking curiosity and amassing 3.5 million views and over 90,000 likes. 

Netizens reaction


Netizens have had a field day with the video, tossing jokes and comments about the lavish delivery method. “Harley Davidson ❌ Dahej vali bike ✅," a user wrote. 

“When you buy your dream bike on EMI," another wrote.

“This is common in Bengaluru…I noticed delivering in Ninja…," a third wrote. "Is it for real? Zomato delivery on a Harley Davidson. The video looks like it has been shot in Bengaluru," a fifth wrote.

"5000 ka helmet, 3400 ka gloves, 3 lakh ka bike, or zomato delivery? Are mori maiya je ka dikh rao hai internet pe," another added. 

Watch the video below