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Zomato launches separate fleet for pure vegetarian customers

Sumit Vishwakarma
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Zomato launches Pure Veg Fleet and Pure Veg Mode

Zomato launches Pure Veg Fleet and Pure Veg Mode

Food delivery company Zomato, which battles with Swiggy, today unveiled its 'Pure Veg Fleet' and 'Pure Veg Mode' to cater to India's significant vegetarian population.

CEO Deepinder Goyal, in a post on X, highlighted the unique dietary preferences of vegetarians in India, emphasizing their concerns over food preparation and handling.

The launch aims to address such concerns by ensuring that vegetarian orders are exclusively handled and delivered by a dedicated fleet, thereby preventing any mix-up with non-vegetarian meals.

What is 'Pure Veg Mode' and 'Pure Veg Fleet'?


The 'Pure Veg Mode' on Zomato's app filters out non-vegetarian restaurants, showcasing only those establishments that serve purely vegetarian cuisine. 

Complementing this feature, the 'Pure Veg Fleet' employs green delivery boxes, distinct from the standard red, to deliver these vegetarian orders. Goyal said the company assures that this fleet will not handle non-vegetarian food nor enter non-vegetarian establishments.

The reason behind the launch

The development comes in response to the feedback from vegetarian customers who are particularly concerned about how their food is cooked and handled.

Goyal's announcement on X (formerly Twitter) underlines the importance of innovation in catering to customer needs. He states, "India has the largest percentage of vegetarians in the world... they are very particular about how their food is cooked and handled."

Looking ahead, Zomato plans to introduce more specialized fleets to cater to specific customer needs, such as a special cake delivery fleet with hydraulic balancers to prevent damage during delivery.

Netizens reaction

The announcement has been met with enthusiasm from netizens, with many expressing relief and appreciation for Zomato's efforts to respect and cater to vegetarian dietary preferences.