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Zomato promises 100% EV deliveries by 2030; unveils ad for World Environment Day

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On World Environment Day 2024, Deepinder Goyal-led food delivery company Zomato launched a unique advertisement.

This ad film highlights Zomato’s pledge to ensure 100% electric vehicle (EV) deliveries by 2030.

The campaign showcases the transition of Zomato’s delivery partners to EVs, depicting a series of amusing trials with unconventional transportation methods to ensure timely deliveries.

How does the ad film showcase the transition to EVs


The ad film begins with a close-up of a Zomato delivery partner stating, “Zomato mein, humne, deliveries ko pollution-free banane ke liye kaafi cheezein try kari…” as the camera slowly pans out. This phrase translates to “At Zomato, we tried many things to make deliveries pollution-free.” 

The film then portrays various unconventional methods of transport, such as camels, roller skates, pigeons, and paragliding.

It also shows a delivery partner bouncing on a pogo stick, hitching a ride on a baby’s pram, and participating in children’s games like “Chidhiya Udd.” The film ends with the delivery partner choosing an EV bike as the optimal solution for fast, efficient, and pollution-free deliveries.

Focused on EV-based deliveries

Anjalli Ravi Kumar, Zomato’s Chief Sustainability Officer, emphasized the company’s dedication to sustainability.

She stated, “Sustainability is at the core of Zomato’s business, underscored by its commitment to achieve 100% EV-based deliveries by 2030. Given that over 90% of our emissions arise from last-mile deliveries (within Scope 3 value-chain emissions), the transition to EV-based deliveries is critical, making it one of our most significant steps toward achieving our Net Zero target by 2033.”

Kumar also highlighted that Zomato was the first and only food delivery platform globally to join the Climate Group’s EV100 initiative in 2021, a strategic move that reflects their confidence in transitioning to EVs amidst the early stages of India’s 2W EV ecosystem.

What strategies are employed to facilitate the transition?

Zomato’s EV program leverages four key strategies to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles (EVs).

To improve access to EVs on rent, Zomato has partnered with over 70 EV rental companies and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and developed a digital referral tool to enhance access to EVs for delivery partners. 

The platform is also integrating EV-based logistics services to streamline the transition.

Additionally, Zomato is collaborating with financial service providers to assist delivery partners in purchasing EV bikes. To further support this shift, the company is conducting online and offline activations to educate delivery partners about different EV models and the benefits of using EVs for deliveries.

Kumar explained, “Our World Environment Day campaign cleverly blends our bold 2030 vision for a greener, more inclusive future with a touch of humor. It creatively showcases our commitment to achieve this future through EV-based deliveries without compromising on the delivery time.” This vision aligns with Zomato’s broader environmental responsibility goals and their strategic steps towards achieving a Net Zero target by 2033.