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Zyber 365 partners with Ratan Tata-backed CashKaro

Sumit Vishwakarma
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Zyber 365 partners with Ratan Tata-backed CashKaro

Zyber 365, a pioneering company in decentralized blockchain technologies, has recently become Asia's fastest-growing unicorn, led by India's youngest billionaire, Pearl Kapur. 

Valued at $1.2 billion, Zyber 365 is known for its innovative approaches in technology and retail. CashKaro, co-founded by Swati and Rohan Bhargava, stands as India's largest cashback and coupons platform, having secured over $30 million in investments from investors like Ratan Tata and Korea Investment Partners.

Revolutionizing the cashback and online retail sectors

The partnership between Zyber 365 and CashKaro is set to revolutionize the cashback and online retail sectors through the integration of blockchain technology. It aims to enhance transparency, scalability, and efficiency for both consumers and retailers. 


“I’m thrilled about this partnership. This move represents a significant leap forward in merging blockchain technology with cashback services, promising innovation and transparency for both consumers and retailers. Together, we’re embarking on a journey to reshape the online retail landscape, and we are dedicated to achieving unprecedented success in this endeavour," said Pearl Kapur, Chairman, Founder & CEO of Zyber 365 Group.

Combining blockchain's security with the benefits of cashback programs

The strategic alliance is anticipated to reshape the online shopping experience by introducing a new model that combines blockchain's robust security and transparency features with the practical benefits of cashback programs.

“This collaboration not only solidifies CashKaro’s position as a market leader and category builder but also holds the potential to elevate the industry towards a more innovative, smart, and growth-oriented future. By leveraging blockchain, we are ushering in an era of innovation and transparency that benefits everyone involved—consumers, e-commerce partners, and the industry as a whole," said Rohan and Swati, co-founders of CashKaro.

Allowing users to store and access their data

Anurrag Singh, CTO of Zyber 365, detailed the technical advancements this partnership would foster, including the implementation of cryptographic protocols, distributed ledger technology, and NFTs. These technologies will allow users to securely store and access their data on decentralized nodes, promising perpetual accessibility and enhanced security.