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CureFit : Health And Fitness Startup Changing The Industry With Innovation

Ritu Singh
New Update
CureFit : Health And Fitness Startup Changing The Industry With Innovation

“In the midst of hustle and bustle of our daily life, fitness is something that can offer some respite.”

Curefit has emerged as one of the finest fitness solutions in the country today and shares an interesting journey of its own.

Promoting intelligent health fitness across the country was the shared vision of the two comrades- Ankit Nagori and Mukesh Bansal. Curefit has come up with a unique fitness model to cater to the needs of India. One’s lifestyle decides one’s fate of the day and life henceforth. Doing exercise, no matter what form you choose is vital for the well being of a person.

It is no wonder that in a few years “if someone is in fine fettle, it would have surely been Curefit with which they settled.”


India has been a rich country in form fitness and other mental health practices, with time, the focus in this area has faded because of the long hectic schedule people share nowadays. It just required one sharp eye to discuss and build something out of this “elephant in the room” as it is necessary to make health a priority in life so that all the money earned is spent well in the quality time and no health checkups and medicines. By extrapolating technology and analyzing data, the Curefit chains stand out as one of the consumer-friendly ideas which studies consumer behavior which caters to the utter need for health of the people today specifically in metropolis wherein levels of stress, anxiety is very high and is talked less.

Fitness is not limited to just physical strength but also mental endurance. Curefit chains ensure an ecosystem of digitally-driven models that unites three aspects of well being of a person- physical fitness, healthy and fresh food and developing mental strength through meditation. Along with this, they have also come up with comfortable sportswear which are important to vouch for during any kind of workout session.

It has made it possible in bringing together almost all the health verticals like – health check-ups, extensive workouts, and meditation, in one single platform to promote an active lifestyle. Not only that, Curefit provides healthy food services that would satisfy your taste buds and will provide all the nourishment of the nutrient in one single go.

Incorporating various fresh, traditional and holistic fitness regimes like yoga, Zumba, weight training and functional fitness model by bringing as many people together, Curefit has truly set itself as a model unique to its own kind. It has somewhere has come up like a sign of the culmination of the fitness revolution of the country.

Having shared a notable experience in Myntra, Flipkart and more, Mukesh Bansal strives to bring offshoot and goal-driven vision for the model along with Ankit Nagori.

The technology-driven team of credit shares a strong vision and inflow of ideas day in and day out to be put across the table and innovate a product like this.

It is necessary to take action towards the fitness of oneself and only then will one be able to contribute to any other aspect of life nation. Mukesh and Ankit have surely filled this void in the nation. Curefit surely has a long way to go.