Eco-Sustainable Startup Clan Earth Trying To Make Environment More Breathable

Who doesn’t want to plant trees?

But how many of us really can or have planted trees in our lives.

While our heart may beat for our home planet and nature, the drudgery of our daily lives doesn’t give us the liberty of taking action.

This new Indian brand, Clan Earth, took that problem and sort out a simple solution.

When every company forms and launches, they want people to be aware of their existence. Clan Earth is not just bringing awareness to themselves but about our home planet and climate change with their #ConTREEbuteCampaign. They are helping people plant trees with a click when people follow their Instagram page. Every 10 followers equal 1 tree.

The founders say that #ConTREEbuteCampaign is a social media movement to introduce a brand by doing actual good to our world. People weren’t able to plant trees. In cities, it gets very difficult too but they were active online. We thought of a way to put those together.

The duo believes that businesses are a powerful tool and they shouldn’t be run just for financial interest. And that’s why they call their company a value-based company. Their value of being sustainable sits at the core and drives all of their decisions.

About their pre-launch campaign, they said,

” When we thought of launching, we had one thing in mind, let’s launch by doing good and not just in awareness but in action too. ConTREEbute Campaign helped us achieve just that. ”

The best part about their campaign and planting is that true to their value, they look at planting in an immensely sustainable way. They have collaborated with responsible Tree Planting & Reforestation Organizations such as Eden Reforestation, a 15-year-old organization, which not just plant the trees but also takes care of them till the tree matures and even protects them against deforestation. On top of that, they employ local communities to plant the saplings and train these people to take care of the entire process including seed and sapling care in the nurseries and after plantation protection. Thus, the plantation of the trees helps fight poverty in extremely rural areas. This also makes sure that the survival rate of the trees is high, even as high as 90%.

Clan Earth is bearing the cost of planting trees on behalf of its Instagram community and has already planted 140 trees. They aim to plant 1000 trees at the beginning of their journey. Their eventual goal is to plant a million trees by 2025 and tree planting is an integral part of their identity and being.

There are a lot of interesting things to be known about this brand but we can’t share everything because they wish to take you through the journey themselves.

They dream to become the most eco-sustainable brand in India. Follow them on Instagram to plant the trees and live the dream with them.

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