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Oyo Founder Ritesh Agarwal, A Man Behind Rs 70,000 Crore Startup

Ritu Singh
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Oyo Founder Ritesh Agarwal, A Man Behind Rs 70,000 Crore Startup

“ Who wondered that the traveling experience would become so comfortable, exceptional and cheaper, Let’s dive into the story of OYO a little deeper.”

There is a huge disparity in the hotels of India. Apart from roughly 10 % of the premium hotels, the other huge chunk of cheaper hotels lacks basic facilities, for example, hygienic toilets, bed mattresses, and more. This is precisely where the 17 years old boy Ritesh Aggarwal came into the picture as the problem solver.

He targeted the cheaper hotels and ensured excellent services by investing in the basic amenities and took care of all the intricate details like pillow covers, soothing room fresheners, maintaining hygienic washrooms and more, just like any other sound hotel. He started by experimenting with a small hotel near Gurugram.

The owner of the hotel slyly resented the proposal, at first sight, thinking what will kid do in this situation where experienced businessmen had failed to bring traffic to the place. Smart Ritesh put forth a deal that couldn't be rejected. He proposed that if there’d be a profit, they’ll divide it and if there’s a loss, then he would bear the brunt for it. The vendor finally agreed. And within no time, the dead hotel finally revived and this where the journey began. With the success of the first model, he started getting proposals for more such vendors nearby in Haryana and

gradually the trail of expansion took had no turning back. Within 4-5 years the OYO (On Your Own) hotel chain expanded all across the country.


The hotels started gaining popularity so much so that the OYO idea has transcended across the borders of the country and has been welcomed globally as well. It is truly soaring at an exponential rate because of its excellent services, customer experience, and hospitality.

Depending on the requirement of the users, the model has variations such as Oyo townhouse, rooms and more.

Not only this, it has now incorporated the facilities of cars and bike rent which has eased out the travelers’ hunt for cheaper transportation facilities.

Ritesh Aggarwal paid attention to the places where no one thought of even rolling a sight. He has truly changed the map of the hospitality industry in India and has indeed defeated several premium branded hotels by such a massive expansion.

This is truly an outcome of pricing customer time, cherishing customer services, experience and budget.

Not only this OYO owes due respect to its employees. When someone doesn’t perform well, rather than firing them, they are provided extra training, for example, soft skills and more, after which they can resume the job.

The respect for employees and customers sets the OYO model stand out in front of any other model. This encourages people to perform well and deliver maximum results. It is no wonder if we say that "even the farthest of the places are one OYO room away."

OYO has truly changed the hospitality map of the country and has made it ever easy for people to have a first-class traveling experience without compromising their thrifty pockets.