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This Bengaluru-based startup is delivering cannabis products to manage stress and sleep issues

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Calmosis Co-founders Karan Naidu and Praveen Singh Rajput

Calmosis Co-founders Karan Naidu and Praveen Singh Rajput

In India's bustling urban centres, the demand for convenient and effective health solutions has surged. A significant issue has been the safe and legal use of cannabis. 

Since 1985, cannabis, which is often referred to as ganja when used recreationally, has been banned in India, making its purchase, sale, and use illegal. However, the black market has thrived, with stories of cannabis being bought and sold through social media, leading to unsafe products and criminal networks.

The irony lies in the fact that cannabis has historically been part of India's medicinal practices. Chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and other conditions have been shown to be alleviated by cannabis extracts, yet the stringent laws have made access challenging. 

Despite its ban, many activists have campaigned for its medicinal use, citing its benefits and its mention in ancient Ayurvedic texts.


In 2022, the Indian government responded to these calls by relaxing the laws, allowing cannabis to be sold for medicinal purposes under strict regulations. 

This allowed vendors to legally sell cannabis products provided they had a prescription from an Ayurvedic doctor. 

The change was aimed at curbing illegal trade and ensuring that patients could access safe, tested, and effective medicinal cannabis.

The initial journey

In the wake of these regulatory changes, Karan Naidu, along with Praveen Singh Rajput, launched Calmosis in Bengaluru in 2023. 

This Ayurveda-based wellness startup aims to provide high-quality, natural, organic cannabis extracts and oils to help manage stress and sleep issues. 

The founders were inspired by personal experiences and the need to offer a legal and safe alternative for those in need.

Cannabis, or ganja, is often stigmatised in India due to its recreational use, but it also has a significant medicinal potential with no known toxic side effects. Cannabis contains CBD and THC, compounds known for their therapeutic effects. CBD, with low psychotropic impact, aids in pain relief, inflammation reduction, and alleviating symptoms like migraines, anxiety, and seizures. THC, the main psychoactive compound, induces the 'high' effect.

Karan Naidu, an IT graduate, witnessed the benefits of medicinal cannabis first-hand. 

Naidu says that his mother struggled with sleep issues and relied on allopathic pills, which had numerous side effects. 

Discovering that medicinal cannabis could provide the same relief without adverse effects was a turning point for Karan. This personal experience fueled his passion for creating Calmosis.

“My mom struggled with sleep problems and regularly took allopathic pills to help her sleep. What struck me was that these pills seemed to artificially induce sleep by boosting melatonin levels in her body,” Karan says. 

He emphasised that Calmosis products are completely safe, naturally inducing sleep and alleviating migraines and headaches.

Praveen Singh Rajput, a serial entrepreneur and author, brings extensive business expertise to Calmosis. He runs a gifting marketplace startup, FRINZA, and holds an MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bangalore.

Together, they have built a business that adheres to legal frameworks and ensures the safe transportation of its products across the country.

Since 1985, possessing cannabis has been a criminal offence in India, with serious legal repercussions. 

However, states like Odisha permit cannabis use, and Uttarakhand allows commercial hemp cultivation. Medicinal cannabis is legal in India, but obtaining it requires contacting reputable producers like Calmosis.

Products and offerings

At present, Calmosis offers two primary products designed to address stress and sleep issues:

The startup offers Peace Mantra, a clinically tested and AYUSH ministry-approved product priced at Rs 4500 for a 20 ml bottle. It contains over 100 cannabinoids, including CBD and THC, designed to soothe stress and anxiety, curb migraines, and relieve pain within 30 minutes. 

Additionally, Peace Mantra promotes sexual wellness, making it a comprehensive solution for various health concerns. 

The Sleep Mantra, also priced at Rs 4500 for a 20 ml bottle, is another clinically tested and AYUSH ministry-approved product from Calmosis. Enriched with CBD and non-psychoactive, Sleep Mantra is specifically formulated to promote restful sleep by eliminating insomnia within 30 minutes. 

“We’re a full-spectrum cannabis... it’s about relaxation, stress relief, calmness... and most used cases are better sleep, menstrual pain relief, migraine, anxiety, epilepsy, etc,” Karan explained. 

Future plans

According to Karan, Calmosis plans to introduce more wellness products, including solutions for period pain and CBD oils for dogs to help them calm down during loud noises from fireworks and construction. 

The startup also aims to serve customers in markets like the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia.