How INDmoney is making wealth management hassle-free

Have you heard the phrase wealth management but are unsure what it means? We’re here to put some light on the situation.

Wealth management can be a broad word, depending on your point of view. The practice is cecenteredn resolving and improving a client’s financial status. They entrust a financial cocounselorith devising a strategy to improve their current circumstances.

Understanding a client’s financial condition and ututilizinghe required financial services to build a realistic plan to improve their client’s finances is what a financial advisor does.

Wealth management assists in decreasing financial stress and prprioritizinginancial decisions based on a timeline. The wealth management advisor considers all financial elements while developing goals, which ultimately aids in the ororganizationf finances on a regular basis.

The statement tells it all: wealth management. You will be in a world of hurt if you do not properly manage your cash. Financial mismanagement reflects poorly on a company’s or individual’s financial standing.

Incorrect money management leads to financial strain and, eventually, debt. We all require assistance at some point in our lives. How should we manage our real estate? What about our financial investments? The ultimate purpose of wealth management is to provide security and peace of mind, allowing you to make the most of the present moment.

In times of terrible inflation, wealth management is the most important thing everyone should focus on. Managing your money in a troubled world requires careful consideration of both the now and the future. You might not be able to deposit all of your hard-earned money in conventional investment options like bank savings account at this time and expect a nice return.

To ensure that you are adequately prepared for the numerous crises and exigencies that may arise, you may need to employ a risk-based strategy that protects your portfolio from unexpected financial shocks.

Wealth management aids in the reduction of financial stress and the prprioritizationf financial decisions based on a time frame. The wealth management advisor considers all financial elements while developing goals, which finally aids in the ororganizationf finances from time to time.

Investing a decade ago required a significant amount of paperwork, numerous bank visits, huge lines, and application screening that may take days. When you combine a lack of information about financial products with rampant misrepresentation by agents, the experience becomes nothing short of a nightmare.

All you need these days is a bank account, some disposable income, and a smartphone to start investing, growing, and managing your wealth. Though some new investors begin with mutual funds, equities, and other investment platforms, many investment-averse residents have been observed to avoid it entirely.

INDmoney is one such platform where one can invest and manage daily expenses, NDmoney is an alall-in-onelatform for people who seriously want to manage their finances.

Also, another great thing about INDmoney is that one can invest in US stocks from sitting at their home anywhere in India.


INDmoney, which debuted in 2019, is an app that allows users to keep track of their investments and expenses. It is a platform that allows users to keep track of their investments and expenses while also setting financial objectives for themselves.

It is a centralized platform that allows users to invest in a variety of assets such as fixed deposits, bonds, equities, and mutual funds. Since 2019, the startup has garnered 3.5 million registered users who use the site to track more than $15 billion in investments.

It is a great platform for people who are interested in investing in US stocks hassle-free as it takes less than 3 minutes to open a US stock Demat account using INDmoney.

Since its inception in 2019, the app has quickly expanded to 4 million users, thanks to new features including US Stocks investing, Neo Banking & Deposits, Financial Life Tracking, and Robo Advisory.

The fintech startup says its objective is to “help individuals save and earn more.” Its mission is to be “Your Family’s Super Bank,” a one-stop-shop for all of your financial needs.

Ashish Kashyap, a technology entrepreneur who previously launched the transport tech platform ibibo Group (Goibibo, redBus) and payments FinTech Payu India, founded INDmoney.

Ashish Kashyap is the founder of INDmoney and a co-founder of other companies, including Goibibo and PayU. He is one of the best professionals and business owners, and he works tirelessly to attain his goals. 

Ashish Kashyap is a person who is continuously looking for new chances and works for a variety of firms. He also has an incredible ability to rally people behind him and have them execute with zeal.

Ashish Kashyap has had a lifelong interest in business and economics. His creative mind has always desired to work in the corporate world. So he studied Economics (Hons.) at Delhi University’s Kirori Mal College. Following that, he pursued a Master of Management degree at McGill University. Then, at INSEAD, he pursued a diploma in the International Program for Practising Managers. All of his business and management education has inspired him to start his owrm.

Ashish Kashyap has extensive experience launching and growing businesses. In 2018, he launched Finzoom investing. The company is headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. He financed companies and oversaw large acquisitions such as redBus, as well as a dozen or so smaller acquisitions and investments. All of this inspired him to develop the INDMoney app, a division of Finzoom Investments.

Ashish Kashyap devised the concept of making money management simple for everyone. He wished to assist people with their financial and investment operations. Among the several services provided by the organization are private family offices, analysts, tax services, succession planning, and trust services. Customers can also use INDMoney’s different loan alternatives. INDmoney makes it hassle-free for people who are interested in investing in US stocks from India. The company succeeds and is a unicorn thanks to Ashish Kashyap’s hard work and dedication.

“I like creating things from scratch. I like to create new products, applications and platforms for customers. Even though I was working in a large media conglomerate like the Times Group, I had created a very entrepreneurial environment. I launched various e-commerce applications and businesses and most of them were first of their kind in the industry.”

In 2019, Ashish Kashyap launched INDmoney. It is a financial services company headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. It’s a SuperMoneyApp that consolidates all of your family’s financial accounts into a single app. The company’s mission is to make money management, saving, and earning easier for you. It integrates all of your financial accounts into a single app. Ashish Kashyap had the idea of simplifying money tracking. That’s why he built the INDMoney app.

Before introducing INDmoney Ashish had started a lot of popular startups like Goibibo, etc. all of them are still highly successful and profitable ventures. But Ashish always wanted to keep on experimenting when INDmoney came into existence.

In the year 2000, Ashish Kashyap began his career as the Times of India’s Head of E-Commerce. Then, in 2005, he became the Country Head of Google India. He was Google’s first Country Head. He quit Google in 2006 and began working on his initiative. He joined the board of directors of Gaadi Web Pvt. Ltd. in 2011.

Ashish Kashyap created the Goibibo app in 2009. He founded Ibiobi pay, also known as PayU India, in 2011. He later worked for companies such as Travel Boutique and Global Chapter Chair. He launched redBus in 2013. He founded Finzoom Investment Advisors after accumulating so much experience.

INDMoney earns operating revenue primarily through advising fees received from premium platform users and distribution fees obtained from AMCs and mutual funds.

Future Prospects of INDmoney:

According to Kashyap, who previously co-founded travel ticketing provider Ibibo and financial services giant PayU, the startup, which works with banks and non-banking financial institutions, plans to further expand its product stack to offer lending and card to users.

According to him, INDmoney caters to the “mass affluent” audience aged 21 to 45. The business intends to use the additional capital to make deeper inroads into the market and gain more clients.

Millions of Indians are making their first investments as a result of the emergence of modern investment applications such as INDmoney, Jar, and Dhan.

Bottom line:

However, with the introduction of INDmoney, the investment and wealth management business appears to have seen a significant disruption with the platform’s easy means of investing money with stockbroking and direct mutual funds.

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