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How LifeChart is transforming the search for authentic ayurvedic treatment in India

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04 Nov 2023 Updated On 10 Nov 2023

For centuries, Ayurveda has been valued in India as a holistic system of health and well-being. However, finding qualified Ayurvedic care is still a challenge for many. Lifechart aims to change this by connecting patients across India with verified Ayurveda doctors instantly via technology.

Lifechart was founded in 2021 by entrepreneurs Mukul Shah, K Sandeep and Mansi Sharma. The seeds were sown years back when Mukul Shah saw his diabetic mother struggle with modern medicine’s side effects. Extensive research pointed him to Ayurveda, but accessing quality care meant travelling great distances.

Despite the hurdles, his mother’s health improved remarkably under Ayurvedic treatment. Mukul realized the need for an accessible Ayurvedic healthcare ecosystem. His previous venture YoloBus had connected him with co-founders Mansi and Sandeep, and Lifechart was born.

Bridging the Gap in Ayurvedic Care

The startup provides end-to-end gut health solutions. Customers can connect with doctors instantly via their website, app, social media or phone. After a preliminary health analysis by a ‘health buddy’, they get diagnosed by experienced Ayurvedic doctors. Doctors prescribe natural herbal formulas created and tested by Lifechart’s in-house team. The startup also offers guidance on diet, lifestyle and holistic wellness.

The startup uses AI-based technology to instantly connect customers with Ayurvedic experts in 60 seconds via their app. This makes quality care extremely accessible.

The startup's app uses AI to connect patients with verified Ayurvedic doctors in just 60 seconds. This removes the friction of booking appointments and waiting in long queues at clinics. After an initial screening, doctors assess patients’ conditions and suggest diet and lifestyle changes along with natural herbal formulas curated by Lifechart’s in-house team.

The proprietary AI engine also provides data-driven insights to guide treatment plans and develop new products. Additional features like digital disease tracking and AI-aided prescription are in the works.

Co-founder Mukul Shah explains, “Our AI engine helps predict demand for products and diseases based on patient data. So along with doctor consultations and medicine delivery, we provide targeted solutions.”

Currently serving patients across India, it aims to make Ayurveda affordable and accessible even in remote areas. Their app and social media presence helps transcend geographical barriers. Mukul highlights how their tech tools equip Ayurvedic doctors to diagnose and prescribe digitally.

The Team Making It Happen

Lifechart’s founding team brings variety of skill skills to the table. CEO Mukul Shah is a serial entrepreneur passionate about transforming healthcare. With YoloBus, he leveraged technology to modernize bus travel. Chief Business Officer Mansi Sharma adds marketing flair from her YoloBus experience.

CTO K Sandeep provides tech expertise, having built solutions across e-commerce, fintech and healthcare. He leads the development of the diagnosis and prescription app for doctors.

The team includes 500 experienced Ayurvedic doctors and 30 health buddies. The in-house R&D unit formulates natural remedies based on clinical research. Together, they deliver robust Ayurvedic healthcare and products to customers. 

Leveraging Technology to Simplify Ayurveda

At core is a proprietary technology that removes traditional access barriers around Ayurveda. Their app and website enable instant doctor consultations via video, chat or call. Customers get assigned a health buddy for guidance. Doctors seamlessly view reports and prescribe treatment digitally.

With it’s robust AI engine, which provides valuable insights from patient data. Their recently launched ‘Doc Coach’ app aims to further enhance doctors’ capabilities using AI-based tools. Features like digital disease tracking and AI-generated prescriptions are in the pipeline.

Such innovations amplify the impact of their qualified doctors by equipping them with scalable digital tools,  Coupled with telemedicine.

Ensuring Quality While Expanding Access

Lifechart emphasizes quality while expanding access to Ayurveda. Their doctors are rigorously vetted for qualifications and experience. Developing standardized treatment protocols also helps maintain consistency. Customers are educated about the correct administration of medicines through health buddies.

Remedies are formulated by specialized research teams and tested for safety and efficacy. Their clinical trial data is analyzed to continually enhance products. Their popular products like Gas Gul, Piles Care and Liver Detox use herbal ingredients tailored to provide specific relief from stomach troubles.

Through these measures and robust doctor training, customers receive high-quality, effective Ayurvedic care suited to their needs.

As shared with media portals, Expanding Access through Omnichannel Presence

As shared with one of the media portal the startup has upcoming plans in the pipeline to boost the accessibility of its services and products across India and globally.

The startup aims to launch health ATMs or mobile clinics in remote tier 2 and 3 towns. These would provide basic diagnostic tests and over-the-counter medicines at the doorstep, serving as a vital first point of care where healthcare infrastructure is lacking.

Given the growing global interest in Ayurveda, the startup also plans to expand its app-based doctor consultations to international markets including the US, UK, Japan and the Middle East.

Additionally, to improve the availability of its clinically-formulated gut health products, they will soon launch them across major e-commerce platforms in India.

Through this omnichannel distribution strategy, online and offline, domestic and global, LifeChart aims to bring quality Ayurvedic healthcare within easy reach of people everywhere.

The Road Ahead – Vision and Growth

Lifechart has an ambitious vision for the future. With a current annual revenue run rate of Rs 2.4 crore, they aim to hit Rs 40 crore by 2024 and eventually Rs 500 crore by 2026. Plans to raise their first institutional funding round are underway.

By harnessing AI, they want to reveal deeper insights from Ayurveda and help doctors prevent and manage complex diseases holistically. Exploring international expansion and new models like health ATMs are also on the horizon.

Ultimately, startup aims to drive recognition of Ayurveda’s benefits globally and enable customers everywhere to access this timeless knowledge. They want to nurture an ecosystem where Ayurveda synergizes with modern medicine to serve humanity.

Democratizing Ayurveda for Billions

By providing easy access to Ayurvedic consultations and medicines through its digital platform, Lifechart aims to accelerate adoption of this traditional medicinal system.

Their use of technology to simplify and standardize care delivery expands the possibilities for making qualified Ayurvedic therapy available to a wide socioeconomic spectrum.

As stated by CEO Mukul Shah, Lifechart strives to serve customers across metros, towns and villages, breaking geographical barriers to access. Their solutions enable Ayurvedic doctors to diagnose and treat patients digitally, helping millions gain better health.

If successful, startups like Lifechart can help establish Ayurveda as an integral part of mainstream healthcare - a system designed not just to cure, but also nourish and uplift human lives holistically. Blending ancient wisdom with modern tools, companies like Lifechart may pave the way for this century-old practice to reinvent itself for the future.

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