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How TheCodeWork helps early and growth-stage startups overcome obstacles

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How TheCodeWork helps early and growth-stage startups overcome obstacles

S. Koushik Debroy and Ashish Singh

TheCodeWork is an MVP-first development company founded by S. Koushik Debroy and Ashish Singh in 2018 with the aim to help early & growth-stage startups overcome obstacles.



The company offers a program that helps entrepreneurs, early-stage startups, and SMEs quickly build products and validate their idea in the market.


Tech being the company's core competency, It has been promoting and educating every entrepreneur about the Minimum Viable Product or MVP. However, TheCodeWork recently launched what it says to be India's first-ever zero equity startup ecosystem, with the singular aim of helping early-stage startups overcome all hurdles along the way.


This includes:



      1. Tech Support - TheCodeWork has a tech team with expertise in every possible industry and domain.

      1. Funding Guidance - The company helps startups and entrepreneurs to connect with a group of investors it has partnered with.

      1. Design and Marketing Assistance - The company spreads the word about notable startups with the expertise and collaboration of its design and marketing experts.

      1. Legal Counsel - It also provides a legal team that helps startups in handling tedious work, such as business research, trademark registration, validation, and more.


    TheCodeWork said it has successfully shipped over 50+ projects spanning over 20 industries like Healthtech, edtech, fintech, retail, gaming, etc.


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