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This Pune-based startup is building wearable technology for rehabilitation and long-term therapy

Sumit Vishwakarma
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Navigating the journey of recovery from long-term injuries or managing chronic physical discomfort presents a formidable challenge for many individuals. The traditional path to rehabilitation often involves frequent, sometimes daily, visits to physical therapy centres. 

This not only demands a significant investment of time and resources but also adds to the emotional and physical strain on those already grappling with discomfort. In a world where accessibility and convenience in healthcare are increasingly becoming a priority, the need for innovative solutions to facilitate home-based physical rehabilitation has never been more acute. 

What does Anatomech do?

Anatomech is a Pune-based startup that is pioneering the integration of smart wearable technology into the realm of physical rehabilitation. 


Founded in March 2020 by Divyakshi Kaushik, a BIRAC Social Innovation Fellow with a rich background as a design engineer in healthcare wearable devices, Anatomech represents a beacon of hope for those seeking to ease their journey to recovery. 

Kaushik's expertise and her firsthand observation of the gaps in rehabilitation and long-term recovery solutions post-injury, surgery, or after strenuous physical activities led to the inception of Anatomech. 

The startup's mission is clear: to bridge the gap in access to home-based physical rehabilitation through the development of smart wearable devices that enable daily therapy sessions in the comfort of the user's home.

Anatomech's initial foray into the market was marked by the launch of its brand KUE in August 2021, which introduced a range of static (non-tech) graduated compression products, including socks, arm, and calf sleeves. 

These products are meticulously engineered to provide graded compression that regulates blood flow, relieves fatigue, and mitigates stress to the limbs caused by daily routines, endurance sports, and for overall well-being. 

With five products and 30 SKUs, including three variants of graduated compression socks, Anatomech's offerings cater to a broad spectrum of needs, from athletes seeking to enhance their recovery process to individuals experiencing joint pain and seeking relief. The significance of Anatomech's work extends beyond the provision of compression wear. 

Developing wearable device

The startup is at the forefront of developing a revolutionary wearable device specifically designed for individuals suffering from breast cancer-related lymphedema, a condition often resulting from mastectomy procedures. 

This condition, characterized by painful swelling and restricted limb mobility, significantly impacts the quality of life of survivors. Anatomech's bionic wearable, which is currently in its pilot phase, is integrated with patented actuators that apply sequential and intermittent radial compressive pressures.

This innovative approach not only enhances circulation but also reduces chronic swelling and associated discomfort, offering a beacon of hope for cancer survivors who have already endured a challenging recovery journey. 

The urgency of developing such a solution is underscored by the stark reality that India has only 35 certified Lymphedema therapists, highlighting a significant gap in the availability of specialized care for this condition. 

Anatomech's wearable device aims to fill this gap by providing a management solution that not only offers relief but also enables progress tracking and the refinement of therapy plans for optimal outcomes. 

Exploring digital capabilities

Furthermore, the startup is exploring the addition of digital capabilities to its wearables, including remote patient monitoring and optimized therapy recommendations, which represent a significant advancement in home healthcare management. Financially, Anatomech has demonstrated remarkable progress, securing approximately Rs 1 crore in funding through government grants from the Department of Science and Technology (DST), GoI, and BIRAC. 

The startup's journey has been further supported by its incubation with Venture Center, a technology business incubator focused on science and technology startups, since 2018. This support has been instrumental in providing Anatomech with the resources and mentoring needed to navigate the competitive landscape of healthcare wearables. Anatomech's achievements have not gone unnoticed.

The startup aims to create tech products for a $350 billion market in home healthcare management, focusing on alleviating the strain on healthcare resources and adapting to the evolving healthcare landscape that increasingly values convenience, personalized care, and remote monitoring. 

By doing so, Anatomech is not just offering products; it is redefining the approach to rehabilitation and recovery, making it more accessible, effective, and patient-centered. 

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