Paytm Mall Tests A Group Buying Feature ‘Bang’ Giving Huge Discounts And Offers

Paytm new feature 'Bang'
  • Paytm’s e-commerce platform Paytm Mall is testing a group buying feature called Paytm Bang that allows buyers to come together to buy a product to avail discounts and offers across categories.
  • Bang covers essentials, fashion, electronics, and home & kitchen among other categories.
  • The group buying feature was initially started by Pinduoduo in China and Grofers in India however both the companies failed to scale it up.

The digital payments platform Paytm’s e-commerce arm Paytm Mall is testing a group buying feature called as ‘Bang‘.

The feature is said to be in the Beta stage and available only to a few. According to the reports, the Paytm Bang feature allows buyers to come together to buy a product to get discounts and offers across categories.

Users can pick an item from a handpicked selection and share the personalized link with their friends within 24 hours. Once any two friends pick the same product, the company will ship it to all three with the applicable offer.

Furthermore, This group buying feature covers essentials, fashion, electronics, and home and kitchen among other categories. However, the discount will depend on the number of people buying a particular product.

Paytm had earlier launched something called MyStore, which will enable users to set up their online stores, pick items from Paytm’s inventory, and then share these links with their friends and family. If people buy items through these stores, the person with the online store will make a reseller commission.

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Paytm is planning to integrate the two features (MyStore and Bang) to compete with the social commerce companies. Like My Store, all shipments and fulfillment for Bang will be done by Paytm Mall.

Paytm is not the first to initiate this group buying feature. Earlier to Paytm the feature was championed by Pinduoduo in China.

In India, Grofers had also launched a group buying feature in late 2018. However, Grofers had discontinued the feature in January this year as the feature couldn’t be scaled

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Besides Grofers, social commerce startup Dealshare, a Falcon Edge-backed company, has been also testing a group buying feature for the past six-eight months.

However, Paytm Mall could scale the group buying concept on the back of its substantial user base. 

Paytm Mall has been trying several features like social commerce, mini-program, and now group-buying to compete with the growing e-commerce business.

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