Accenture opens new Generative AI studio in Bengaluru; Know how it will be used

Technology giant Accenture today announced the launch of its Generative AI Studio in Bengaluru, India, as part of its $3 billion investment in data and AI.

The studio aims to amalgamate its vast resources in talent and technology to provide comprehensive generative AI capabilities to enhance business processes and foster enterprise reinvention.

What is the location of the AI studio?

The newly launched AI studio is located within Accenture’s Innovation Hub, enabling Accenture's data and AI team and clients to co-create solutions.

Tthese solutions will be grounded in modern data and AI foundations, including LLM architecture, ecosystem partnerships, and responsible AI frameworks. The studio will also feature Accenture’s proprietary gen AI model "switchboard," various customization techniques, model-managed services, and specialized training programs.

With this, Clients across 19 industries will have the opportunity to understand, experiment, adopt and scale generative AI solutions to reinvent functions and business models to achieve new performance levels.

How the new studio will impact global clients

Accenture's new studio is designed to assist clients worldwide in prioritizing capabilities across their value chains. He believes that the assistance is crucial for businesses to scale their AI investments rapidly and responsibly.