Amazon investing $4B in OpenAI's rival Anthropic

Ecommerce giant Amazon today said it has signed a strategic partnership with Google-backed Anthropic with the aim of advancing safer generative AI technologies.

The ecommerce giant will invest up to $4 billion or around Rs 32,000 crore in the AI startup, which mainly competes with Sam Altman's OpenAI.

Through this partnership, Anthropic will be able to leverage AWS Trainium and Inferentia chips to develop its future foundation models, utilizing the price, performance, scale, and security of AWS.

The AI startup will also provide AWS customers with access to future generations of its foundation models via Amazon Bedrock, AWS’s fully managed service.

This will also enable Amazon developers and engineers to incorporate Anthropic models via Amazon Bedrock into their work, enhancing applications and creating new customer experiences across Amazon’s businesses.

Amazon is acticely engaging with several organizations to promote the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies.

Anthropic is a Google-backed AI startup that has built a conversational AI chatbot Claude, a rival of OpenAI's popular ChatGPT.