Here's how Cashfree Payments' partnership with Shopify will benefit Indian merchants

Fintech startup Cashfree Payments has partnered with Shopify to facilitate onsite card payments for Indian merchants.

The partnership aims to streamline the payment process, allowing retailers to collect payment information directly on their websites

The need for the partnership

Previously, the checkout process required buyers to leave the merchant’s website and complete an additional step on a third-party page to finalize their payment.

This not only delayed the order fulfilment but also resulted in potential customers abandoning their purchases due to the inconvenience.

How is it beneficial for merchants?

This optimized payment process significantly reduces transaction times and minimizes customer drop-offs, thereby increasing revenue and enhancing the overall payment experience for both merchants and buyers.

Initially, onsite payments on Shopify were exclusively available to Shopify Stores in the United States.

This collaboration with extends this essential service to Indian retailers on Shopify, enabling them to offer improved payment solutions to their customers.