Chai Sutta Bar founder says 'We're making f***king army here; user replies "Bro...chill you just sell flavoured chai"

Anubhav Dubey, founder of 'Chai Sutta Bar', unexpectedly gained social media attention due to a motivational post on platform X, which backfired, eliciting both humor and criticism from netizens.

Dubey's bold statement, "We are not looking for office employees working 9 to 5. No, not at all. We are making f***** Army here," accompanied by a meeting photo, quickly went viral, but not in the way he had hoped.

The post, with over 730,300 views, sparked humor instead of inspiration. Netizens reacted to its profanity and aggressive tone, leading to a mix of sarcastic and advisory responses.

One user humorously questioned the need for an 'army' to sell tea, while another simply stated, "Bro chill, flavoured chai bechta hai tu (You sell flavoured tea)."

"Chai bechne ke liye kyo army banani hai bhai aapko?," another wrote.

Despite the mixed reactions to his post, Dubey's success with 'Chai Sutta Bar' is undeniable. At just 23 years old, he has transformed his startup into a thriving enterprise with a claimed turnover of around Rs 150 crore and over 500 outlets worldwide.

Founded in 2016 by Dubey and Anand Nayak, and later joined by Rahul Patidar, the brand has become synonymous with kulhad chai.

Anubhav's post has also sparked a broader conversation about work culture and the language used in professional settings. Some users criticized the glorification of overworking, labeling it as a "red flag" in employer-employee relationships, while others found it funnny.

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