Looking to start your own meme website? Google has just launched .meme domains

Google has unveiled a new top-level domain, .meme, dedicated to the world of internet memes. It is designed to be a hub for all things meme-related, offering a platform for sharing, creating, and enjoying these viral sensations.

At the launch, Google Registry announced six partners who have already established their presence in this new domain, including Know Your Meme, a leading resource for meme trends, and 10PM Curfew, a fashion and lifestyle giant, with their sites knowyour.meme, stonks.meme, style.meme, and girls.meme.

Artist Rudy Willingham offers printable meme stickers at real.meme, while License.Meme and Marketing.meme provide services for licensing and meme-based marketing strategies.

On the other hand, Tenor, known for GIFs and memes, has introduced find.meme and create.meme, simplifying the process of meme discovery and creation.

The .meme domain also celebrates the iconic role of cats in meme culture. Famous feline characters like Grumpy Cat, Keyboard Cat, and Nyan Cat have their dedicated websites at grumpycat.meme, keyboardcat.meme, and nyancat.meme.

How to get your own .meme domain?

Currently, the .meme domains are available for early access, with fees decreasing daily until December 5. After this period, the domain will be offered at a standard annual price through various registrars.