India ranks third globally in affordable EV charging, study finds

As India's efforts continue to increase EV adoption, The country has secured a position among the top three nations worldwide, offering the most affordable EV charging costs.

The study centered on the costs associated with charging the latest model of the Hyundai Kona EV in 50 different countries.

Argentina tops the list as the most affordable country for EV charging, where it costs a mere Rs 113 to fully charge an EV.

Following closely are Malaysia and India, where the respective costs stand at Rs 157 and Rs 231.

Conversely, Denmark and Italy were identified as the nations with the highest EV charging costs, where a full charge for the same vehicle model stands at a substantial Rs 1,823.

On average, charging an EV for a 100-km journey globally costs Rs 267, much less than the Rs 763 required for a petrol vehicle.