Infosys partners with Microsoft to accelerate industry-wide adoption of generative AI

Infosys today has partnered with Satya Nadella-led Microsoft to create advanced solutions utilizing Infosys Topaz, Azure OpenAI Service, and Azure Cognitive Services.

Previously, Infosys partnered with NVIDIA to help enterprises worldwide drive productivity gains with generative AI applications and solutions.

The partnership aims to merge the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of both companies to improve enterprise functions with AI-enabled solutions across various sectors.

The partnership will facilitate the widespread adoption of data and intelligence, aiding businesses in enhancing productivity and uncovering new avenues for revenue growth.

How the partnership will benefit Infosys?

Infosys Topaz will leverage Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Cognitive Services to enhance its capabilities.

According to Infosys, The enhancement is crucial for assisting enterprise customers in transitioning from digital to AI solutions, aiming to optimize operational efficiency, reduce turn-around-time, secure future investments, and explore new business models.