Know about Wadhwani AI which received $3.3M grant from

In a significant move to empower Indian farmers, Wadhwani AI, a nonprofit institution, has secured a $3.3 million grant from

The grant, which is part of the "AI for the Global Goals" challenge, will help the the organization to upscale its AI-driven solutions, currently aiding cotton farmers, to protect India's staple food crops.

Wadhwani AI's flagship product

Through the Cotton Ace app, the organization enables farmers to upload images of their crops, which are then analyzed by AI to identify pests and suggest data-driven remedies.

Additionally, the app provides real-time updates on weather, farming methodologies, and crop prices. The organization claims that its technology has already led to a 20% increase in farmers' profits and a 25% reduction in pesticide costs.

How $3.3 million grant will help Wadhwani AI?

With the new grant, Wadhwani AI aims to expand its technological reach beyond cotton. According to reports, The organization aims to safeguard staple crops like rice, wheat, and corn, aligning with the UN's objective of achieving zero hunger.

Wadhwani AI also plans to introduce two language model-based apps. The apps will be integrated with platforms like the PM Kisan chatbot and Kisan Call Centers.

This will be equipped with features such as text-to-speech and translation capabilities for various Indian languages, these tools aim to revolutionize how critical agricultural information reaches farmers.

The partnership between Wadhwani AI and aims to rejuvenate India's agricultural data frameworks, champion sustainable farming practices, and improve the livelihoods of farmers across the nation.