Meet India's first generative AI teacher 'Iris'

In a groundbreaking move, a school in Kerala's Thiruvananthapuram has introduced India's first AI teacher named Iris, marking a significant leap in the field of education.

Created by Maker Labs, Iris, which is equipped with an Intel processor, is a generative AI robot designed to transform the learning experience by offering personalized education.

According to multiple media reports, This AI teacher can move, interact, and answer questions, covering subjects from nursery to Class 12 in three languages: English, Hindi, and Malayalam, with plans to expand to over 20 languages.

What's even more impressive is Iris's ability to keep students so engaged that classes taken by it have seen zero absences. Beyond just teaching,

Iris is equipped to block inappropriate content, ensuring a safe learning environment.

Launched at KTCT Higher Secondary School and inaugurated by Dr. K Rajeev of the Space Physics Laboratory, Iris has quickly become a beloved figure among students, promising a future where education is not just about learning but about interacting and growing with technology.