Meet Pranjali Awasthi, who launched her AI startup in 2022, now valued at Rs 100 Crore

Imagine a world where technology and innovation are often spearheaded by seasoned professionals, and then picture a 16-year-old girl breaking through that norm with sheer brilliance and determination.

Meet Pranjali Awasthi, a young, vibrant mind who didn’t just step into the tech world but carved a unique space with her startup, Delv.AI, aiming to redefine the way data extraction for research is done.

Deeply inspired by her engineer father, Pranjali embarked on her tech journey at the mere age of 7, diving into coding and later exploring computer science and competitive math after relocating from India to Florida at 11.

Fast forward to age 13, Pranjali started interning at Florida International University's research labs.

She juggled school and working on machine learning projects, and when the world paused due to COVID-19, she utilized the virtual schooling phase to dive even deeper into her internship, sowing the seeds for what would later become Delv[dot]AI.

In 2021, Pranjali secured a spot in a 12-week cohort at an AI startup accelerator in Miami, facilitated by Lucy Guo and Dave Fontenot of Backend Capital, pausing her high school education and trading a small stake in her future company for the opportunity.

The platform not only launched Delv.AI but also attracted investments from prominent names like On Deck and Village Global.

Delv.AI, with a primary goal to assist researchers in navigating through the extensive online content for specific information, raised Rs 3.7 crore in funding at a reported valuation of $12 million or Rs 100 crore.