Meta launches new set of AI tools for WhatsApp, Instagram; Know the details

In a bid to make its notable presence in the growing AI field, Meta has launched of a range of AI tools for its sister platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

The newly launched AI tools include AI stickers, image editing with AI, and an AI assistant.

Let's discuss all three, one by one

AI Stickers

AI stickers enable users to generate customized stickers for chats and stories. By leveraging Llama 2 and its foundational model for image generation, 'Emu', the AI tool turns text prompts into multiple high-quality stickers in seconds.

Image Editing with AI

As the name suggests, "Image Editing with AI" allows users to edit or transform images using AI. This allows users to transform or co-create AI-generated images collaboratively.

Meta plans to introduce this feature on Instagram with two tools. The first, "Restyle," enables users to reimagine their images by typing in descriptions like ‘watercolour’ to apply different visual styles.

The second tool, "Backdrop," utilizes the Segment Anything Model to allow users to alter the scene or background of their image through text prompts.

Meta AI

Meta AI is a new assistant for WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. The assistant can access real-time information through a partnership with Bing. Additionally, The AI assistant has the capability to create images.