Swiggy launches Swiggy Photoshoot for restaurants; Know what it is

Zomato rival Swiggy has introduced a new feature called 'Photoshoot', which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help restaurants create better menu photos.

The CEO of Swiggy's Food Marketplace, Rohit Kapoor, explained that this tool makes it easier for restaurants to show off their dishes, helping customers make better choices without the high cost of professional photography.

The new AI tool will enable restaurant owners to use their smartphones to take pictures of their dishes through the Swiggy Owner app.

The app's AI evaluates photo quality against Swiggy's standards, enhances them, and allows background changes, with updates appearing on Swiggy's platform within hours, according to a company blog post.

According to Swiggy, Good menu photos can greatly increase a restaurant's orders, potentially by five times. Swiggy said this AI tool also helps restaurants save money as they don't need to hire professional photographers.

The food delivery platform claims about 10,000 restaurants have started using this new tool in the first month since its launch.

Swiggy is incorporating AI for food recommendations and user interactions, and has introduced tools to support restaurant growth. Amidst plans for a potential public listing next year, Swiggy has launched a Photoshoot AI tool, competing in a market with profitable peers like Zomato.

Swiggy is enhancing its platform with AI features like recommendation tools and chatbots, and has developed resources to aid restaurant partners. The introduction of their Photoshoot AI tool aligns with Swiggy's preparation for a potential 2024 public listing, as it faces profitable competitors such as Zomato.