TDB partners with Aloe Ecell to produce eco-friendly aloe vera-based batteries

The Technology Development Board (TDB) recently partnered with Lucknow-based Aloe Ecell to assist them in the commercialization of eco-friendly 1.5V AA-size batteries based on Aloe Vera.

TDB is a statutory body of the Government of India known for providing financial assistance to Indian industrial concerns and other agencies

Lucknow-based Aloe Ecell's project involves the development of an environmentally friendly 1.5V AA size battery, a potential alternative to traditional batteries filled with heavy metals and harmful chemicals.

With a total project value of Rs 2.98 crore, TDB is contributing Rs 1.91 crore as a soft loan.

What are Aloe Vera-based batteries?

Research from 2018 has indicated that Aloe Vera contains acids capable of generating electric current.

Experiments by Malaysian university researchers have demonstrated that electrical energy derived from Aloe Vera can produce an output of 3.49 V and 1.1 mA under specific conditions.

Aloe Ecell's Aloe Vera battery is NABL (IS 8144:2018) certified and is available in AA and AAA sizes, serving as a safer alternative to conventional hazardous dry-cell batteries.

The Aloe Vera plants used in producing the gel electrolyte actively capture and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, offsetting the emissions from the battery's production, transportation, and disposal.

The startup plans to establish facilities for the commercial production of these primary batteries in Bundi, Rajasthan.