This startup is enabling parents to subscribe to products for their growing children

In a world where children quickly outgrow their belongings, many items like toys and bicycles either end up gathering dust in garages or contributing to the mounting global waste problem.

Pruthvi Gowda, Hrishikesh H S, Roopesh Shah, and Sapna M S, who were all too familiar with the clutter that accumulates as kids grow up, started GroClub with an initial investment of Rs 2 crore to solve this issue sustainably.

GroClub is a Bengaluru-based startup that is aimed in the reduction of single-use products by offering a unique subscription service for bicycles.

How does it work?

GroClub provides bicycles for children and adults on a subscription basis, with plans starting from Rs 549 monthly.

The service includes doorstep delivery and maintenance, ensuring that the bicycles, designed to last a minimum of 10 years, remain in top-notch condition for a safe and enjoyable ride.

At the end of the subscription period, the startup refurbishes cycles for the next subscriber, promoting a cycle of reuse and reducing waste.

The startup said that this initiative not only offers a cost-effective solution for families but also actively contributes to reducing environmental pollution caused by discarded bicycles.

GroClub follows the approach of "reduce-reuse-regenerate, challenging the conventional "take-make-dispose" approach prevalent in society.

By fostering collaborations and educating consumers, the startup aims to make significant strides in establishing a circular economy, which is gaining traction globally as a sustainable resource management approach.

GroClub plans to expand its product range to include children's carry cots, car seats, strollers, bunk beds, and toys, tapping into the burgeoning Indian toy market.

The startup has raised Rs 4.3 crore in external funding and is gearing up to expand into markets like Hyderabad, Pune, and Mumbai. It aims to onboard about 1.5 lakh customers in the next two years.