Leave your resume as Indian recruiters are now prioritizing skills over work experience

AI-driven recruitment solutions firm HirePro recently in a report titled ‘No Resumes Please: Paving the way for talent-centric recruitment,' highlighted the limitations of relying on resumes for hiring.

The report reveals that for every job posting, about 250 applications are received, but only 10 candidates are shortlisted.

The report indicates the 'spray and pray' approach adopted by job seekers leads to recruiters being inundated with applications, often resulting in rushed decisions and potential oversight of qualified candidates.

The truth behind resumes

According to the report, About 85% of job seekers have been found to make false claims in their resumes, a rise from 65% a decade ago. This is exacerbated by the use of standard templates, professional resume writers, and AI tools.

Additionally, while 92% of job descriptions emphasize behavioral skills, only 38% of resumes reflect these traits. The disparity suggests that resumes may not always be the most accurate representation of a candidate's true capabilities.

What are the changing trends in recruitment?

Over the past five years, there has been a noticeable shift in what recruiters prioritize when evaluating resumes. Previously, job stability and keyword matching were deemed crucial, but their importance has waned.

Individual assessments are now more prominent. The report underscores the difficulties of career switching, noting that in a resume-focused hiring process, 60% of recruiters hesitate to consider candidates without relevant experience, despite them having pertinent certifications.

The report added that employees selected through skill assessments consistently outperform those hired through conventional methods.

In fields like IT, GCC, and BPO, candidates selected through evaluations perform better. The study reveals a shift towards skill-focused hiring, with 90% of recruiters prioritizing skills. Additionally, 75% of recruiters predict that skill-based hiring will lead the recruitment scene in the next 18 months.